Sansad Ratna Awards – A Game Changer in Politics, Waiting to Bloom to International Recognition

June 2, 2017

It is rare to find an idea that is floated, to transcend the dream stage and become a reality within no time. I remember what the South Korean Electronics giant, LG Electronics’ world-wide Chairman, Kim once told me in an interview: “Everyone has ideas from ordinary to brilliant. Not everyone is able to translate them […]

Three cheers to Parliament

April 17, 2012 Chennai comes up with innovative ideas. ‘Prime Point,’ set up by a gentleman known in true Tamil Nadu-style as ‘Prime Point Srinivasan,’ has instituted a set of awards for parliamentarians called Sansad Ratna Awards. ‘PP’ felicitously chose Ambedkar Jayanti for the conferment ceremony this year and conferred the honour on four MPs: Anand Rao […]