Coal Nayak and Sansad Ratna Awardee Hansraj Ahir turns 61 and takes over as a Minister in Modi Government

November 11, 2014

Shri Hansraj Gangaram Ahir, BJP MP from Chandrapur is popularly known as ‘Coal Nayak’ for his unearthing coal scam. He is also the recipient of ‘Sansad Ratna Award’ for the past five years continuously for his consistent outstanding performance in the 15th Lok Sabha.  During May 2014, he was elected as MP for fourth time from Chandrapur […]

Interaction session on ‘Role of Parliament in Indian democracy’ – 4th October 2014

September 23, 2014

L to R : Kumar Rajendran, Srinivasa Prabhu and Prithvi Sansad Ratna Awards Committee organised an interaction session with Shri B Srinivasa Prabhu, (Director of Lok Sabha Secretariat, Delhi) on Saturday the 4th October 2014 at Dr MGR Janaki Arts and Science College, Chennai.  G A Prithvi, coordinator of this event and a member of […]

Sansad Ratna – Hall of Fame – Three MPs to be inducted

August 29, 2014

Sansad Ratna Awardees Every year at the end of the first part of Budget Session of Lok Sabha, Prime Point Foundation and ezine PreSense  honour the top performing MPs based on the cumulative performance of members under 3 categories viz. debates, private members bills and questions.   15th Lok Sabha conducted the business between 3rd […]

Performance of 16th Lok Sabha till the end of Second Session (4th June 2014 to 14th August 2014)

August 27, 2014

The new 16th Lok Sabha commenced its business on 4th June 2014.  Till the end of Second Session (14th August 2014), the Lok Sabha had 33 sittings. Business done This 16th Lok Sabha witnessed one of the most productive sessions in the past one decade.  Though 14 hours and 1 minute was lost in disruption […]

Performance of Tamil Nadu MPs till the end of 2nd session of 16th Lok Sabha

August 14, 2014

Happy Independence Day.  Jai Hind The Budget Session of the 16th Lok Sabha has ended today.  So far this 16th Lok Sabha has held two sssions with 33 sittings.  I attach herewith the performance of the MPs of Tamil Nadu on four parameters viz. debates, private members bills, questions and attendance.   Mr T G […]

Sansad Ratna 2014 Awards presented to top performing Lok Sabha MPs of 15th Lok Sabha at Chennai

February 23, 2014

L to R: Rama Devi, S S Ramasubbu, Gajanan Babbar, N Gopalaswami, Shivaji Adhalrao Patil, Hansraj G Ahir, K Srinivasan Top performing Members of the 15th Lok Sabha were honoured at Chennai Press Club with ‘Sansad Ratna Award’.  Shri N Gopalaswami, Former Chief Election Commissioner of India presented the Awards.   (picture)Prime Point Foundation, Ezines […]

Political leaders and media experts deliberate on politics, democracy and governance – 14 Feb 2014 at IIT Madras

February 17, 2014

A National Seminar on ‘Politics, democracy and governance’ was held at IIT Madras on 15th Feb 2014 organised jointly by Prime Point Foundation and IIT Madras. This seminar was divided into three sessions. Arvind Sivaramakrishnan Session I – Presentation by Mr Arvind Sivaramakrishnan, Senior Deputy Editor, The Hindu on ‘ Electoral systems and the composition […]

National Seminar on ‘Politics, Democracy and Governance’ 15th Feb 2014 – Registration

January 19, 2014

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